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Stavanger to Kristiansand

After Stavanger, we stopped overnight at the attractive port of Tananger before heading south around the headland of Revtangen and Jærens rev, a sandbar off the headland.  The weather delivered frequent squally showers and some came as hail storms.  That was hard to sail into, and Tony wished for ski goggles.

We were glad to reach the haven of Siravåg, where we anchored overnight before completing the passage to Egersund the next day after the rain had cleared.

Egersund lies inside an attractive sound lined with properties, each with its own jetty, pontoon or boathouse. Reflecting the importance of water in Norway, there are probably nearly two million boats. Small runabouts are mostly kept on finger pontoons, but in Egersund they have unusual ‘garage’ boathouses.

We have had strong winds with plenty of rain and half a dozen yachts have been sitting them out in Egersund for six days. Eventually, we had one good day with NW 4-5 and we made the most of it.

We had to negotiate two headlands with a fearsome reputation for Norwegian sailors. The west coast of Norway has a continuous south-flowing current of cold water from the Arctic. It is forced up over a relatively shallow shelf off Lista, and there it meets the Atlantic Gulf Stream coming up from the southwest. We saw the water temperature rise from 3.4ºC to 7.3ºC in the space of an hour. We were glad to have a corresponding increase in the air temperature too.

We used the opportunity to pass both the Lista and Lindnes headlands in ideal conditions. Sadly, this meant passing by the southwestern fjords that lie between them.

We stopped for the night at an anchorage just short of Mandal and completed the passage there the next day.

From Mandal, we passed through a series of fjords filled with islands – many with holiday homes on them. Some had only room for the house, a sauna and a boat house.

After a night in an anchorage in Rosnesvågen, we had a good sail, mostly under just Genoa, to Kristiansand.


Kristiansand is the sixth largest city in Norway. We enjoyed exploring and we appreciated the artistic creations. We appreciated an organ recital in the cathedral/

That’s our news for now.

Ynskje & Tony x

2 thoughts on “Stavanger to Kristiansand

  1. liz Pill

    It sounds as if this
    passage has been a bit taxing. I hope you can have a bit of a break now. The weather has been really cold here for June but seems to be picking up now. Hopefully, you will now have some more restful sailing.

  2. Alison Naisby

    Alison Naisby,
    Thanks for all your news about this part of your journey. What interesting places & sights you have visited & seen, thanks for the photos. Hope the seas are now warmer & calmer for the rest of your trip & the weather favourable!

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