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We have had just over a week exploring Oslo.  The central areas are lined with bars and eateries on almost every street, and yet more are planned in areas to be redeveloped.  Quite how this works from an economics perspective is puzzling.

Oslo is very bike friendly, so we made good use of the Bromptons when going further afield.

There are many impressive buildings befitting a capital city, albeit with a total country population of only 5.5 million.

The recently completed National Museum has an excellent collection of artworks, including many by Munch, of course.  We also visited the Munch Museum – a very impressive 7-story building housing many works by this productive artist. We also visited the Nobel Peace Centre.

The Opera House

We enjoyed walking up the remarkable marble roof of the opera house. This is a firm favourite of scooter riders and skateboarders.

Notice in the photo, the tour boat berthed to the far left. Its decking cleverly reflects the Opera House as well as providing a good way for passengers to get to the upper decks without narrow staircases.

The Opera House from the top of the Munch Museum

Between the ferry and the Opera House you can see a number of sauna boats. These are mobile and if you are having an event/party, you can have one driven to your pontoon.

The Rådhus

The biggest impression?  The Opera House is impressive but the Rådhus (city hall) is quite incredible.  Completed in 1950 this vast brick edifice is both functional with its twin towers of office space and awe-inspiring.  The murals decorating the main hall and the various chambers reflect Norwegian history.


We joined a tour of the parliament building.

In the foyer is a Lego model of the building (below left) which shows how the round debating chamber was deliberately built so that MPs could clearly see the demonstrations and protests that take place in the green space in front of the building – including camps in support of Ukraine and Palestine. Steve Bray eat your heart out!

In the debating chamber (below right) seating is arranged by constituency and not by party. Since with proportional representation there is often more than one MP per constituency, they are seated next to each other and can work together on behalf of their constituents. This seems a simple way to avoid the tribalism that blights the UK House of Commons.

We noted another well-established peace camp right outside the military university in protest at Norwegian financial links to Israeli settlements.  There is no sign of government-backed harassment – a welcome change from the UK.

Norwegian tolerance seems to include to excessive drinking.  Despite its high price, we have noticed in several places some boats seem to be fuelled mainly on alcohol and loud music. At times in the latter part of the week, they seem to go on a bender that may last all night and day and even beyond that.  Then we long for a peaceful anchorage.

The Fram Museum

We cycled over to the island of Bygdøy, where there are several museums.  We visited the Fram Museum, which houses the ship Fram, used for three polar expeditions, almost reaching the North Pole and the first to reach the South Pole.

The museum also houses the smaller Gjøa, the first ship to completely traverse the North West Passage.

Although both ships are of much later date than Erebus and Terror, being able to explore inside gave us a real insight into life aboard on such expeditions.

The museum has extensive displays on the history of polar exploration, including the Franklin expeditions, although there was nothing new to us in this respect.

That’s our news from Oslo

love from Ynskje & Tony

3 thoughts on “Oslo

  1. Alison Naisby

    Thanks so much for sharing all this interesting information about Oslo & the photos of Oslo & the area. What amazing buildings. All best wishes for the next part of your trip, with favourable weather conditions. xx

  2. Liz Pill

    Oslo sounds really interesting. Lots to see and impressive buildings. What a pity there is noise from some of the boats with music and drinking. Are some of those British boats? Tony adds – No Norwegian. Scarcely any British boats.

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