Antipole cruises

2016-19 Four seasons in the Baltic

From 2016 to 2019 we cruised the Baltic in Antipole visiting The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, and again Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands and France.

We have mostly had time on our side. As well as exploring quiet anchorages, we enjoy visiting historic towns and cities. In the UK, focus is mainly on its former empire and colonies, with little understanding of the Baltic region. We have learnt a huge amount about its history, politics and the importance of the Hanseatic League. And we have made many good friends.

Our style of cruising is to wait for weather in which we can sail. It is gratifying to have been able to undertake these four years of exploration covering 5,700nm and use just 376 litres of Diesel – almost all of that transiting canals or manoeuvring in or out of harbours.

Our blog records our travels and experiences . To follow it we strongly recommend you display our track log in a separate window. If you have limited screen space, open the track chart on another device. You can zoom in on our track and see where we are writing about. The changing colours show different passages. Clicking on a stop will reveal where and when it was.

The table below summarises our four seasons and you can use this to follow by season. The links take you to the track log for just that season and to the first blog entry for that season.

Cruise season
(Click to view track of season)
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blog post of season)
EndedDistance (nm)
To the Baltic eastwardsWareham,
16 April 2016
Kärdla, Estonia,
1 September 2016
Gulf of Finland, Russia & Saimaa LakesKärdla, Estonia,
1 May 2017
Imatra, Finland,
15th July 2017
Gulf of Finland & SwedenImatra, Finland,
19 May 2018
Karlskrona, Sweden,
30th August 2018
Sweden, Denmark & back to UK
via Germany & The Netherlands
Karlskrona, Sweden,
3rd May 2019
1st September 2019
Whole cruise5,700