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Afloat for 2018!

Antipole is afloat again in Imatra for the 2018 season.

On 9th May we flew from Gatwick to Helsinki.  We had lots of luggage – boat equipment that had been serviced over winter, boat supplies and comforts such as a season’s supply of home made marmalade, good tea and other things it is difficult to get abroad.  We had four large bags in the hold and were so close to the weight limit that we were stuffing odds and ends into coat pockets to get down to the limit.  Once in Helsinki we picked up a hire car and drove to collect our life raft, which had been serviced over winter.  The next day we drove three hours to Imatra where Antipole awaited us.

The weather here has been fantastic – clear blue skies for days on end and warm – hot even.  It is amazing to realise that the ice only cleared the previous week.  It has been the coldest winter for many years and now the hottest May.   Antipole has managed well, despite the hard winter.  The thermometer inside the boat had recorded temperatures down to -20°C.  It is just as well Tony had strengthened the antifreeze in the engine to 55%.  Work preparing for the season has gone well.  We have tried not to disturb the pair of sea gulls nesting on the bow of the next but one boat.

Usually life is a bit primitive on board until we are launched, but this year we have been staying in the Imatra Spa Hotel, which looks over to Lammassari where Antipole lies.  Each evening we returned to the hotel and enjoyed a sauna and time in the pools, including hydrotherapy jets which have eased away any aching form the day’s work.  Luxury indeed!

On Tuesday we were launched.  In the photo you can see Antipole loaded onto the trailer on her way to launching.  Look at the foredeck of the little white boat and you can see the head of our nesting neighbou

Since launching, we have been busy completing the commissioning work, such as bending on sails.  Unfortunately the aft heads (toilet) blocked – probably crud in the pipes dislodged by freezing over winter.  We have spent most of two days visiting the pump-out machine and battling with the unmentionable muck which flowed into the bilge.  Hopefully all is now cleared and in order again.

More news soon.
Love to all

Tony & Ynskje

3 thoughts on “Afloat for 2018!

  1. Nicky & Peter

    So good to hear that Antipole survived the cold winter and is nearly ready to set sail again. We look forward to following your voyage this summer. Good sailing.

  2. heleen

    Hi Ine en Tony,
    De kop is eraf en het vaarfeest kan nu gaan beginnen. Jullie starten in ieder geval met te gek weer: in het voorjaar Finland en dan met deze temperatuur!

    Een behouden en goede vaart voor jullie in geniet.

    Met liefs uit – ook een zomers – Amsterdam, heleen
    P.S.: Tony, I Think Ine will translate for you!

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