Antipole cruises

Why antipole?

The antipole is the opposite polarity – the south pole is the antipole of the north; the islands of New Zealand are known as the antipodes as they are on the antipodal side of the earth to western Europe (actually Spain).

In Gestalt, which philosophy has guided me well, we often explore opposite polarities – and sometimes the unfamiliar shadow side that we may have kept hidden.  This is full of contradictions and surprises.  If we travel far enough west we may appear in the east.

For ten years I sailed a Morgan Giles 30 yacht Santana – a very traditional long keel yacht of classic lines, albeit built of fibre glass.  And now for something completely different – the Ovni is a very modern design, built in aluminium with a lifting keel and an almost space-age appearance.  Ovni is the French word for UFO.  So we have here the very antipole of a classic yacht.