Antipole cruises

Cruise Plan 2024 – Norway & Sweden west coasts

Antipole has overwintered in Ulsteinvik on the island of Hareidlandet just south of Ålesund.

Once she is back in commission, we plan to explore the spectacular Geirangerfjord and then work our way southwards. This will include visits to Bergen, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo.

From Oslo we intend to head south along the west coast of Sweden including visits to Gothenburg and Helingsborg.

From Helingsborg we will cross to Skovshoved in Denmark, just north of Copenhagen, where we will lay up at the beginning of August, somewhat earlier than usual.

Joining us

As ever, family and friends are welcome to join us for stretches.

As usual, we plan a leisurely meander exploring as our fancy takes us. It is difficult to predict when we will be where especially given tides and variable weather. If you propose a place, nearer the time we will let you know when we can be there. More realistically for most, let us know when you are available and we will advise where to meet us.

Here is an outline of when we expect to be near transport hubs. We will also often be reachable by rail or bus at stops in between these places.

Likely datesWhereConnections
18 MayBergen✈️ to UK
2 JuneStavanger✈️ to UK
19 JuneKristiansand✈️ to UK
24 JuneOslo✈️ to UK
13 JulyGothenburg✈️ to UK
22 JulyHalmstadt✈️ not direct and may be pricy
28 JulyHelingsborg✈️ to Ängelholm
31 JulySkovshoved, near Copenhagen