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Back in the water for 2017

We flew out to Tallinn on Easter Monday.  Inevitably, we had rather a lot of luggage.  EasyJet has no weight limit for cabin bags as long as you can lift them into the overhead lockers, so we packed them with all the heavy stuff like books and the new anodes for the boat as well as tools etc.  Meanwhile three large bags in the hold took clothes, shoes etc. and stuff not allowed in hand luggage such as food essentials not available in Europe – good tea and home-made marmalade.  It took a while to get the hand luggage through security as it had to be repacked after inspection of the metal work.

The departure gate seemed a very long walk with the weighty cabin bags.  We tried to look nonchalant as we popped the bags into the overhead locker.  I was relieved when the aircraft actually got off the runway. When a cabin steward had to shift Ynskje’s bag she remarked “Surprising?” to which Ynskje responded “Easter eggs!”

After the lovely spring weather in the UK it was a bit of a shock to be back in snow in Tallinn.  The next morning we got our luggage to the nearby bus station in four relays – with Ynskje minding the pile as it built.  The bus to Kärdla was smooth, including the crossing on a brand-new ferry.  On arrival we were very grateful to be met by Sulev, who had his car boot already packed with the perishables they had stored for us over winter.  In the evening we met up with Sulev and Maire in the excellent restaurant over the local brewery.

Antipole has faired well over winter standing on tarmac and was very clean compared with the dusty yards we are used to.  We moved back on board and put the electric fan heater to hard work, warming things up.  It has been freezing over night, so our thermal sailing gear was welcome in bed!

Work preparing for the launch went well.  We have switched to aluminium anodes, which should perform better than zinc in fresh water.  On Friday Tony serviced the engine.  He had removed the antifreeze as a precaution as it was only good to -28°C.  Actually it was not a cold winter by local standards – the lowest temperature recorded inside the boat was -20°C.  The new antifreeze is a stronger mix which will be good to -38°C so will not have to be removed next winter.  We needed to replace the batteries after five years – quite a significant task undertaking.

We knew spring would be later here, but it is really noticeable how much so.  Only the celandine  and snowdrops are in evidence. The marina does not open properly for the season until late May.

We are now back on the water and rigging the sails and canvas.  We had hoped that Sulev and Maire could join us on the first couple of legs over the holiday weekend.  Unfortunately the weather is not co-operating and we  shall sit tight in Kärdla until conditions are kindlier.  We are invited to sauna instead, which sounds a better option.  Today we turned the boat round so it is facing the gales and snow storm forecast for Saturday.

More news once we do get under way.

Love to all, Ynskje & Tony

Robert Browning (1812–89) started his poem Home thoughts from abroad with the line
OH, to be in England now that April ’s there
We know how he felt!

2 thoughts on “Back in the water for 2017

  1. Heleen

    Hi Eskimos
    Wow, you need a wintercoat! Lots of success preparing all the necessary things.
    I returned from Hamburg and Berlin: specially the new museum in Potsdam was a highlight.
    Next week to Portugal: hope it’s warmer there!
    I will follow you on the blog and… have a safe sail….. with love for both, Heleen

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