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Planning for the 2017 season

We have enjoyed being tucked up for the winter and having time for other things and especially family and Christmas.  But we have not had sailing far from our minds and have been busy planning for the season ahead.  Spring is not far away!

In 2017 we intend to explore further east along the Gulf of Finland and visit St Petersburg and the Russian Baltic Coast.  We expect to then pass through the Saimaa canal into the vast Finnish lakeland.  After that we will start working our way westwards along the Finnish coast visiting Helsinki amongst other places.

We have an outline plan for the season, which is available in the Cruise Plans section.  We intend it to be flexible so we can adapt to what we find and experience.  As ever, family and friends are invited to contact us  to look at the possibility for joining us for a while and we retain some flexibility to fit in with visitors.

More news when we are getting started.

Ynskje & Tony

One thought on “Planning for the 2017 season

  1. Sue Bloom

    Hi Ynskje & Tony,

    Good to hear from you again with your next lot of sailing adventures awaiting you. It already feels like Spring here where I am in Bristol, as the weather is glorious and has been for some time now. Just as I typed that sentence the sky darkened!!!

    I wish you a wonderful trip with some heartening adventures. I am not about to join you though, as I’m not very adventurous unlike you two.

    Best wishes, Sue

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