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All tucked up for the winter 1916-17 and home again

roodburgThe process of laying up in Kärdla on Hiiumaa went smoothly, helped by fine weather while we removed, dried and stored the sails and canvas, some of which needs to be sent to a sailmaker in Tallinn for repair of wear.  Antipole was lifted out using a Dutch Roodburg trailer, which was a new experience for us.  We had ten days to do all work.  In addition to the usual tasks we had to take extra precautions against the possible severity of Estonian winters, draining out the antifreeze from the engine (which might itself freeze) and removing all water-based stores , such as our supply of marmalade and chutneys and anything in glass jars  or metal cans.  Yachts Service and the marina staff were most helpful in accommodating us.

We made contact with Sulev & Maire, parents of Maret, who live in Kärdla and they were most hospitable.  They invited us to sauna, drinks and food and on Sunday took us on a tour of some of the island.  It is beautiful, mostly forested with pine with some larch, juniper and deciduous trees.  We visited the western extremity, including Surf Paradiis and their favourite beaches which were off-limits in Soviet times.  It was really great having their support and they have kindly housed our not-to-be-frozen stuff over winter.  On our final two nights, they kindly housed and fed us so Antipole could be properly cleaned and have all the water systems drained off.  And another sauna was an excellent way of relaxing after all the work.  Thanks a million, Sulev & Maire!

On Monday morning we took the coach from Kärdla to Tallinn via the ferry crossing to the mainland and then flew back to Gatwick.  Sarah G collected us from the station and took us home to a welcome supper.  It is very strange to be back home after 4½ months.  The pile of post was over a foot high and includes such curiosities as Brexit referendum literature, which reads oddly with hindsight.  It is going to take us some while getting to grips with everything and the garden, which has been unrestrained for a whole summer.

So that’s the cruising news from us for this year.  Over winter we shall be planning next season and will be back on the water next spring once the Estonian sea ice has cleared.  Thanks for following us.

with love, Ynskje & Tony


2 thoughts on “All tucked up for the winter 1916-17 and home again

  1. Nicky & Peter

    We have so enjoyed your blogs and reading about the interesting places you have visited. You have had a wonderful summer and it is hard to believe that Antipole is laid up for the winter now.

    Best wishes
    N & P

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