Antipole cruises

Cruise Plan 2022 – Up the west coast to Scotland

This season, we plan to meander up the west coast of Great Britain to the Scottish Western Isles before passing through the Caledonian Canal to Inverness, where we intend to over-winter 2022-23.

Our start date is presently uncertain as we are awaiting a replacement autopilot computer – the original having failed last year. We hope to depart in early May.

We will work our way westwards along the English south coast before rounding Lands End, passing up the north coast of Cornwall before crossing the Bristol Channel to Milford Haven in late May. From there it will be up the Irish Sea towards Holyhead. We will cross to Ireland and call at Dun Laoghaire or Dublin, likely in early June.

Brexit matters

Originally, Antipole was classed as EU Goods and had freedom of movement thoughout the EU. But, thanks to Brexit, because she was in the UK on 31st January 2021, Antipole lost her EU Goods Status. Without us taking action, she can now only be in the EU for 18 months without us paying VAT all over again. Further, if she were ever sold to an EU resident, VAT would have to be paid all over again.

However, we understand that if Antipole returns to the EU within three years of her departure on 28th August 2019, we can claim EU Returned Goods Relief and re-establish her EU status. Crossing to France is now complicated, as we can only arrive or depart at an official port of entry, which most yacht marinas are not. We can no longer just arrive and anchor somewhere. The Republic of Ireland beckons. It is both in the EU and in the UK-Irish Common Travel Area, so there are no entry requirements.

By calling in the Irish Republic, we should be able to re-establish Antipole’s EU Goods Status. However, there is no official procedure or form for doing this. We are hoping that Irish Customs can oblige us in some way.

Beyond Ireland

After Dublin we may visit the Isle of Man again. We were on its east coast in 2013 but there is more to explore.

We plan to then pass up the west coast of Scotland focussing on visiting places we did not get to in 2014. A return visit to the Hebrides beckons in July and there are lots of places such as Skye that we have not visited.

In August, we plan to transit the Caledonian Canal. This will take us right through The Great Glen passing through Lochs Linnhe, Lochy, Oich and Ness before arriving at Inverness, where we intend to lay up over next winter.

Joining us

As ever, family and friends are welcome to join us for stretches. The Western Isles are an idyllic cruising ground in summer.

We plan a leisurely meander exploring as our fancy takes us. It is difficult to predict when we will be where, especially given tides and variable weather. If you propose a place, nearer the time we will let you know when we can be there. More realistically for most, let us know when you are available and we will advise where to meet us.