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Launch and acceptance

Antipole was finally launched on Monday 9th May.  She was loaded onto a lorry and driven the few kilometers to Port Olona in Les Sables d’Olonne and lowered into the water, before stepping the mast and adding the rigging.

Meanwhile back in Southsea we loaded the car with gear to the point where not a jot more could be squeezed in, pumped up the tyres hard and took the Tuesday overnight ferry from Portsmouth to Saint Malo, before driving down to Les Sables.  On the Wednesday evening we met up with the UK agent, Stephen of Northsea Maritime, who took us onboard.  It was fantastic to see Antipole afloat and coming together, although quite a lot of finishing off remained – with some fittings still awaited.

Stephen spent two and a half days going through the boat checking details, flagging up snags that need attention and explaining things to us.  We are berthed in Port Olona, which is a very large marina fronted by lots of bars, restaurants and chandleries and with our hotel close by. The photo shows the restaurants with the marina to the right. It is an excellent environment for the work in hand, with opportunities to relax over supper at the end of the day.  Over these few days further gear arrived, including the mattresses and seating, bimini, etc.  We still await fitting of the main genoa winches.

On Friday we finally started up the engine and motored out of the harbour for a test sail, which was also an opportunity to check that the sails and rigging were in order.  The weather was ideal – just enough wind, but not too much as we still did not have the genoa winches.  Certainly Antipole handles well and is a pleasure to sail, but a very different experience from dear old Santana.  Getting used to a wheel rather than tiller is one major difference, as well as the length and size when returning into the berth.  Once we were back, Stephen completed his list of about 35 ‘snags’ for Alubat to attend to,  before leaving for his flight.

Ynskje and I were left to relax under the bimini in the evening sun and enjoy the moment.

We do not gain possession and cannot move on board until Alubat have fixed the snags, which will not happen until after the weekend, but we remained based in the hotel on Saturday and spent time on board exploring the space and facilities.

On the Saturday evening we had supper with Kit and Pippa, who had kindly taken us out on their Ovni 395 from Salcombe last autumn, when we were making up our minds about which options to order.  They happen to be here on their boat Kippi, so we were able to catch up and exchange experiences.

Now we must leave Antipole for Alubat’s attention next week.  We are going off to sight see, first to Poitiers, and will await a text from Alubat telling us when we may return and take possession.

More news later …

love to all
Ynskje & Tony

5 thoughts on “Launch and acceptance

  1. Sarah

    Wow! It’s all happening at last:) We have been waiting to hear news and are so glad to hear that all is going well. I hope you enjoy a few days sight-seeing and return to a fully un-snagged boat. Sorry we lost you when we tried to call on Saturday – I think our internet connection was having an off day. (Apologies Rick, we blamed yours when we spoke earlier!)

    Lots of love
    Sarah & the pack XX

  2. Rick Voss

    Congratulations on the launch of Antipole! Enjoy your first voyage. We look forward to joining you on board in the summer. Rick and Annabelle x

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