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Bound for old Portsmouth town

We picked up Stephen and Mike from La Rochelle airport on Sunday evening and went on board for a naming ceremony, during which Ynskje poured some champagne on the bow and we drank the rest.  On Monday morning at 6:30am we sailed from Les Sables . It was northerly winds and unfortunately we had to motor all the way to L’Aberwrac’h, some 31 hours. It was vital that we reached the Raz de Sein in time to take it at slack water and then catch the flood up through the Chanel du Four.

So we battled into northerly winds increasing to Force 6. In the middle of this and in the dark the engine wavered a few times and then died. Stephen quickly diagnosed fuel filter blockage and was able to change the filter in these difficult circumstances. It was just as well he was on board as I had not found my sea legs and would not have been much good for the task.

Tuesday was a glorious day and we had a magnificent sail all day and through the night north eastwards bowling along at about eight knots towards Guernsey.

Stephen was able to text ahead so that when we arrived in Guernsey we were able to go into St Sampson’s Harbour alongside engineers who dealt with our fuel problem. It was evident that the manufacture had left the fuel tank with a considerable quantity of metal powder inside, and this had been stirred up by the heavy weather. The engineers were extremely helpful and pumped out our remaining fuel, thoroughly cleaned inside the tank and replaced all the filters, as well as giving the engine its first service. It was most fortunate that our shallow draft allowed us to lie alongside their pontoon over low water – note this in the picture.

By 4:30pm on Wednesday we were sorted and Stephen was keen to get back, so we headed out for an overnight crossing to Portsmouth. The wind was variable and our schedule necessitated motor-sailing.

So we arrived in Portsmouth very early on Thursday and are berthed for now in the Camber, where Tony plans to do some more fitting out. It is convenient, but close by the fish quay and there is much fish smell and oil about, so we are not sure how long we will stick it. We are pleased to be back with Antipole.

Sorry if this posting seems a bit perfunctury, but we have sailed through the last three nights and are too tired to write straight and just need to sleep – but we did want to let you know we are back.

Much love to all.
Ynskje & Tony

5 thoughts on “Bound for old Portsmouth town

  1. Sarah Voss

    Welcome home!! Glad to hear you made it back well (if exhausted). Hope you get some good weather for the fitting out and enjoy some sleep. Can’t wait to come aboard!

    Love Sarah XX

  2. Liz Pill

    Well done and welcome home! I hope you are managing to get a well-deserved rest. What an adventure! I look forward to hearing more and to seeing her.
    Liz x

  3. Alison Naisby

    Welcome back.So glad you managed to get everything sorted out in the end. Look forward to hearing more news when you have had a good rest. allthe best with the rest o fthe fitting out & organising! Alison xx

  4. David Voss

    Great to hear that you are back, and that Antipole’s nifty hull is already coming in handy! Here’s to many more successful passages.

  5. heleen

    Hee europe-sailors,
    Back in the UK again with Antipole: home for the first time!!!! The wish for many sailings and even so many comings home savely!!!!
    Ine, nu moet je weer even vertalen: geweldig… jullie droomwens verwezenlijkt en gaan genieten van jullie “pensioenjaren”.
    Ben weer thuis na een prachtige oost-turkije reis. Bel, mail je liefs voor beiden. heleen

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