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Ah! The smell of fresh bread!

Over the last winter I started making bread again. IMG_1255I have adopted a technique of setting aside part of the ferment to start the next loaf. After several iterations of this, the bread seems to develop a stronger character than starting each loaf from scratch by adding yeast. I brought my ferment with me on this cruise. At room temperature it takes 24 hours for the loaf to prove, but this early in the season that degree of warmth on board is rare. I have found that the locker over the fridge mechanism has just that extra bit of warmth. So we have been enjoying fresh bread even when on remote anchorages – lovely!


One thought on “Ah! The smell of fresh bread!

  1. heleen

    Heeee sailers,
    I’ll try again. I said something about the fresh bread that Nick en Rebecca will eat and give them my love. The 12th I am going to Lida’s place for a week: there is a great exhibition of modern art in the north of Germany called “Nordart”.
    Have a great time together and I keep following you, with love from amsterdam, heleen

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