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Back in Scotland and south to Findhorn

On Sunday we sailed against a stiff wind out of Kirkwall through The String.  We were using the small staysail instead of the genoa (which we have only done twice before) and it was much easier to handle the boat, although she does not point so well on the wind.  We came to Deerness Island and anchored in the sound, where we stayed for two nights as Sunday brought weak winds and heavy rain.  Being tucked up in the cabin was definitely more appealing than drifting around in inadequate wind and pouring rain.  This was the day when those in the south were suffering from flash floods brought on by hot weather.  If only!

On Monday the rain had cleared and we had a tricky passage negotiating the tides down South Ronaldsay, across the eastern Pentland Firth and down the mainland east coast to arrive at Wick.
Wick is the northern-most port on the eastern mainland coast.  It is a busy place – turbines for a wind farm had just been delivered and the vast blades were piled up on almost every quay.  The evening was warm and we had summer-weight clothes for the first time this year (and this is late July).
On Tuesday we set sail south across the Moray Firth.  The winds were very light and progress slow.  The day started with blue sky and we anticipated a relaxed summery passage and applied plenty of sun cream but soon we were in mist and fog and had to set a radar watch, which has happened rarely for us.  Eventually the mists cleared and we came well to Findhorn.
The Moray coast has vast long sandy beaches and the Findhorn river has created a large sandy bay, land-locked except for a narrow and rather tricky entrance.  The result is an extensive area of sheltered water ideal for messing about in boats.  There is lots of water-based activity here – swimming, canoeing, sailing tuition etc.  The Royal Findhorn Yacht Club is very hospitable and kindly made a mooring available.  They have a lovely clubhouse overlooking the water with a café, cadet activities etc. The weather has turned warm and sunny – what a difference two days sailing south has made!

We spent today at the Findhorn Foundation, a spiritual community where Tony spent a couple of weeks back in 1990.  There today Tony spend the morning working in the vegetable gardens and Ynskje in the kitchen.  In the afternoon we had a tour of the now extensive site.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch and supper, mainly from the gardens and really enjoyed our time there, much helped by fantastic weather.
We plan to set sail again on Saturday, heading east along the Moray coast.
Tony & Ynskje

One thought on “Back in Scotland and south to Findhorn

  1. Alison Naisby

    Great to hear you news, hope the weather keeps better for you, & you get a bit more summer! It’s very windy, cool& misty here today. Antonia & the kids arrive here Mon. evening for 2 weeks, so full house.
    Much love,
    A & D XXXX

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