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Punkahaju to Imatra and a premature end to our season

We sailed from Punkahaju to Imatra in the south east corner of the lakes.  This took us through broad lakes and a series of narrow channels.  We had four stops overnight, one for two nights because of foul weather, in some lovely anchorages tucked out of the way.

Here many sailing clubs have their own facilities away from home for the benefit of members. At the island of Suuri Mantysaari we were invited onto the private jetty of the Lappeenranta Sailing Club.  Ashore was a shelter with fire place for barbecues, toilet and a substantial sauna house with its own jetty for plunging into the lake.  Huge piles of fire wood the size of hay stacks ensure there will be no shortage of warmth.  It is a lovely facility to have.

As we have mentioned before, saunas are regarded as an essential here.   Wood-fired saunas by the lake at your cottage are the most favoured, but Fins will go to great lengths to ensure a sauna is available.

In the photo you will see one solution for how to provide a sauna in a marina.  The sauna boat has a wood-fired sauna and a stack of wood – and the lake is right on hand for plunging.  It is fitted with an outboard engine for getting it to where it is needed.

From Suuri Mantysaari we had a lovely sail to Imatra.  However, as we docked at the pontoon, Ynskje leaped off the boat and fell, injuring her right knee.  She was in a lot of pain and we summoned an ambulance which took her to the district hospital in Lappeenranta.  After X-rays she was found to have broken her patella (knee cap).  This required surgery the next day to put wires in place to hold the parts together.  Poor Ynskje!  She has been fitted with a leg brace and must not walk without it or fully bend the knee for six weeks.  So that is the end of our sailing for this season.

We have decided it will be best to over-winter Antipole here in Imatra.  Fortunately, all we need is here.  There is a winter storage facility close by and, while they are not able to lift yachts with fixed keels, they say they can manage Antipole.

Rather than have Ynskje repatriated to the UK and then have to manage without Tony while he prepares the boat for winter, we have  decided that she will convalesce on the boat.  This will enable her to attend follow-up appointments at the treating hospital.  Accordingly, she was delivered back to the boat and has settled in to a regime of cold packs, exercises and daily self-injections as a precaution against deep vein thrombosis.  She is not allowed to sauna until after the stitches have been removed.  She is stomping around on her crutches and it sounds like Long John Silver on his peg leg.  No parrot though.  The crutches, being Finnish, have a fiendish attachment spike for ice or snow, worthy of James Bond kit.

The health service here has been excellent.  One noticeable difference from the UK is that a single area authority is responsible for health services, family and social welfare services, and services for senior citizens that promote health and everyday wellbeing.  This avoids the problem experienced in the UK whereby hospital beds are occupied by patients who cannot be discharged because the local authority cannot afford to provide accommodation.

So, a rather unexpected turn of events.  Tony will use some of the time to do jobs on the boat needing good weather, such as repairs to paint.  You can see our track log for this season here.

More news in due course.
Love to all
Tony & Ynskje

5 thoughts on “Punkahaju to Imatra and a premature end to our season

  1. Michael de Lara

    Dear Ina and Tony

    Very sorry to read about Ina’s injury, hope she is not in very much pain. It will be very uncomfortable for her but on the other hand she is very strong. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    With great interest I have read all your blogs. I loved the photos from Petersburg, just beautiful.

    I am doing reasonably well and better than expected. Yes, I feel weak and need a lot of rest but fortunately I am still able to play bowls most of the time.

    I will see you at home, unfortunately sooner than expected.

    All the very best to both of you.

    Regards and love Michael

  2. heleen

    He Ine en Tony,
    Wat een pech, pech, pech! Goh, Ine, voor jou echt een drama…. 6 weken weinig kunnen doen en ik hoop dat je de pijn een beetje onder controle kunt houden.
    En ik denk dat jullie er inderdaad goed aan doen om daar te blijven om de na-controles en behandelingen daar te laten doen. Bovendien…. alleen in Portsmouth … geen goede optie.
    Vast alle sterkte voor jullie beide en gelukkig kan Tony nog van de nood een deugd maken…. Antipole winterklaar maken.
    Anyway, houd je haaks en maak er het beste van, liefs voor jullie vanuit Amsterdam, heleen

  3. Ettie Spencer

    So sorry to hear about the accident…sounds very painful..really hope You make a speedy recovery Ine. Sad your trip is cut short but what you did do sounded truly wonderful! Hope you’ll be able to come and see us soon. By mid August we’re hoping we have a civilised house to offer you hospitality….maybe a good place for further convalescence?!
    Love to you both
    Ettie and a Jonathan xx

  4. Alison Naisby

    So so sorry to hear your news. Hope all continues to go as well with your recovery Ynskje. Also with your preparations for winter Tony. XX love A & D

  5. Nicky Davey

    How unfortunate. We do hope you are not in too much pain and that the knee heals well. We have so loved following your journey. We will now have to look forward to hearing news of Ynskje’s progress. Take care. Love Nicky & Peter

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