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Ålesund to Kristiansund by Kane & Lucas

We arrived in Ålesund on Sunday. It felt great to be back on board. That evening we also climbed the 450 steps to Fjellstua. There were incredible views and a beautiful sky, with the sun setting not long before midnight. It never really goes dark at this time of year and sunrise is in the very early hours, so we were more than ready to set sail on Monday morning. 

The wind was then good enough to begin our first passage. Sailing was a little cold and wet, but the surroundings were picturesque with snowy mountains on the horizon.

We also spotted a magnificent white-tailed eagle before reaching Storholmen. We arrived at a peaceful mooring which happened to be alongside a hospitable bar – a nice surprise to keep us warm!

On our next passage, we enjoyed some lovely light sailing with a blue sky. There was some tacking along the way with wind from the direction we were heading – northeast. Thanks to better-than-expected conditions, we reached Kristiansund by late afternoon on Tuesday. We had escaped the mist, which began to descend on the harbour as we moored up. 

It has been fantastic sailing that we have thoroughly enjoyed. We are now exploring the area which includes spectacular views from Varden Utsiktspunkt, Mellemværftet (a live ship-building museum) and plenty of shops and cafes. Grandpa is happy to have stocked up on Norwegian gas supplies and Ynskje is pleased to have fresh produce (and good coffee) nearby. 

Thanks to Grandpa, the skipper, for keeping us on course with your usual expertise and to Ynskje for your wonderful hospitality, as always. We have loved our Norwegian trip on Antipole and look forward to being on board next time. Wishing you both the best for the rest of the season! 

Kane & Lucas

2 thoughts on “Ålesund to Kristiansund by Kane & Lucas

  1. liz pill

    Such a great trip for you both with Grandpa and Ynskje.. So pleased it all went well. Lovely photos and super views. What an experience.

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