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Awash with Grandchildren!

Sarah and family came for lunch on Monday, leaving Mollie & Maisie with us. On Tuesday Pam and family did likewise, leaving Kane and Lucas.

We headed down Poole Harbour and anchored off Brownsea Island in Blood Alley, where we have not been before owing to the shallow water. We virtually dried out and were able to wade around at low water.

On Wednesday we had a lazy day, exploring ashore on Brownsea Island and spent much of the rest of the day swimming and messing about in the dinghy.

On Thursday we sailed for the Solent. It was heavy rain almost all the way, and blowing South West Force 6 so it was a fast passage. We arrived in Newtown Creek rather soggy, which seemed to cue more swimming.

The trip wasn’t as expected with the strong winds that brought on rough waves, which triggered sea sickness in the majority of the crew. Even the skipper was a little nauseous after attempting to clean up everyone else’s mess! (Kane)

Hi I’m Molly, one of the four members of the crew. I enjoyed the trip back from Poole and all the rocking and swinging, although the sea sickness was a bit unfortunate. We all got soaked but we managed to dry off again along with all the clothes!

Hi, I am going to tell you one of the funniest things that happened on the trip to the Solent. Half of the people on the boat were screaming (in a good way) and really enjoying it, the other half were stiff, wet and also enjoying it, for a bit. The trip was really good! (Maisie)

It’s been great on Antipole for the past few days reaching Brownsea Island with stunning views and sailing through the rough sea to the Solent. (Lucas)

Newtown Creek is absolutely amazing – lots of sea birds especially at low tide.

That’s the news for now.
Tony, Ynskje & crew

4 thoughts on “Awash with Grandchildren!

  1. Sarah

    Glad to hear that they are making good use of the swimming deck! I was absolutely blown away by Antipole when I dropped Molly and Maisie off in Wareham on Monday. I seriously considered abandoning work, buying a toothbrush and staying for the week. I’m sure we could have squeezed Theo, Ruby and Lola on somewhere… For those of you who haven’t yet been aboard, she is awesome (excuse me for adopting the children’s vocabulary!). The children are so privileged to spend a week aboard such a jaw dropping boat, learning the ropes with Grandpa and sampling Ynskje’s amazing food. Enjoy the rest of the trip. We are missing the girls lots and wish we were there too. Sarah XX

  2. liz


    So pleased you are having a good trip. It sounds as if it has been exciting at times. The boat looks super. Glad you have got some good swimming.
    I am having a lovely time in Scotland. See you all soon.
    Grandma x

  3. Sue Bloom

    How lovely to have grandparents like you to take you out on a yacht and do all kinds of exciting things. Lucky children – they obviously enjoy your company too. Can’t read the yellow writing though.


  4. Peter & Nicky Davey

    What an exciting week for the children. Shame about the seasickness though!

    PS I get a greeting from Pushkin now whenever I walk passed and he is sitting in his garden.

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