Antipole cruises

Tying up loose ends

After the departure of everybody on Tuesday, it seemed strangely quiet.

We spent the night at anchor off the beach where everyone had had such a lovely day. Then on Wednesday 5:30am we set sail westward into westerly winds, knowing they would increase at some stage. By the time we reached the western Solent the wind was force 5 and rising, so we scuttled into Newtown Creek for shelter – where the children had been playing only a few days previously.

We stayed there throughout Thursday while the winds blew and blew, just catching sight of Cowes Week yachts roaring up the Solent with giant spinnakers billowing, or in one case flapping uncontrollably from a mast head.

Our patience was rewarded, for on Friday we had a very civilised 10:00am start into a westerly 3 growing to 5 as we crossed Christchurch and Poole bays. We arrived off Poole with two hours to fill before the flood up Poole Harbour – just time to anchor off Studland for tea. Then it was a delightful beat up harbour. This we have done many times in Santana but this was a first in Antipole. With our shallow draft we were able to come up river hours earlier than would have been possible before, and slipped past a yacht stuck in the mud.

Today, Saturday, Tony met with the new owners of Santana to answer many questions and to take them out for a familiarisation sail. It was strange sailing Santana again, and for the last time. She is certainly manoeuvrable given sufficient depth. I was very glad to hand her over to two very pleased new owners (and their dog), who will put needed fresh energy into her.

Now we are back on Antipole with fresh supplies and the weekend papers and doing very little. For the first time in months we have no pressures and even enjoying an after-lunch nap.

Some time this week we will head back to Southsea to brush up before seeing family again.

Love from Ynskje and Tony

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