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Lucas and Theo afloat!

We have just had a lovely extended weekend with two of Tony’s grandchildren on board.  For Theo (8) it was his first time afloat (apart from the Hayling Island Ferry, he told me), and his turn after not being included with his elder sisters last summer.  He was joined by his cousin Lucas (13) who was great company for him and who was able to lead the way in many things.  The weather has not been kind, especially for May, as others in the UK can testify.

 The boys were delivered by James on Friday evening and Tony ferried them down river to Antipole waiting on her mooring, where Ynskje served pizza for a late supper. There was much excitement.

On Saturday morning we headed down harbour and Theo had his first experience of helming as we sailed via Wills Cut and the Wych Channel to off Shipstal Point, a great anchorage within the harbour, which we had virtually to ourselves.

We launched the inflatable dinghy, which is nice and stable, and soon Theo was learning to row.

That afternoon we went ashore to explore the nature reserve.  We got back to the beach at low tide and had to drag the dinghy through the mud to get afloat.  We had a lot of cleaning up to do!

On Sunday we stayed on our anchor and the boys had fun messing about.  Lucas, now being something of an expert with the dinghy now, took Theo off exploring ashore and up the estuary.

That evening we played Spite & Malice and Rummikub.


On Monday it was still windy (force 4-5). We sailed down to Poole harbour entrance, and, as Lucas was keen to venture outside and assured us Theo would enjoy it too, it was out into Studland Bay, sailing on just a reduced genoa.  We were soon at Old Harry and then sailed around in the bay until the ebb tide had ceased and we could return into harbour.Theo seemed not the least put out by the blow.

Once back in harbour we fetched up in Blood Alley, where we dried out on the afternoon low water, so Tony could do some necessary work on the rope stripper, replacing some bolts which were impinging on the drive shaft.  It was another opportunity to get thoroughly muddy.  Once we were afloat again we motored down South Deep and found a good anchorage for the night.  This time it was a game of Tri-onimos after supper.

On the Monday morning we had a lovely gentle sail round Green Island and then across the shallows to the Wareham Channel.  For part of the time we were in company with a friend Charlie in his Ovni 385 Jemima.  It was with Charlie that Ynskje & Tony had a day out when deciding whether to purchase an Ovni.  Finally we arrived back on the mooring and cleaned up the boat before Tony took the boys up river to be collected by Phil.

We all had a really good time over the four days, and both crew gained in confidence enormously.  It was strange once they had gone, and we miss them lots!

More news soon
Tony & Ynskje

One thought on “Lucas and Theo afloat!

  1. Sue Bloom

    Hi Ynskje Glad you had a great time with the boys. Lucas must be a very proficient sailor and very mature for his age to go sailing with Theo alone. I have no idea what an Ovni is. Sounds idyllic for you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourselves so much. Just had son Andrew and Granddaughter Anyar to stay for 2 weeks to celebrate my 70th. I managed to get a chest infection for the whole time which needed 2 lots of antibiotics to clear it. My birthday is on 19th and my niece and her partner are coming from Canada, via a holiday in Europe, to stay for 5 days. She’s lovely to be with. I’m having a lunch party here on 19th if you want to drop in, from 12.30 – 5.30.
    Love Sue

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