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Changes to this blog

Hi…  Our blog has just been updated behind the scenes:

I have moved it from being hosted on WordPress to my own web space on tsoHost.  This gives me much more control and flexibility, and is more economical.

You still access it as before at and email subscriptions have been transferred.  RSS feeds should also continue unaffected.  However, the first comment you make on the new site will be held for moderation, even if you posted comments on the old site.

I have taken advantage of the new flexibility to add a page tab Cruise logs, in which you will find a summary of our cruising to date, including a map on which you can see where these cruises took us.  You can view our actual track log on a place map, satellite image, a hybrid of the two (the default) or using Google Earth.  This last option may not be available on mobile devices.



Technical note: because the site has moved while keeping the same URL, it is just possible your computer or browser could get confused, in which case you might end up on a default web page.  If so, contact me directly by email and not via the invalid email address given on that page.

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