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All tucked up for the winter

We planned to return to Antipole to do some jobs during October, but there was no spell of good weather, so when we did return on Tuesday of last week, we decided to proceed with having her lifted out for the winter rather earlier than planned.

On Monday this week we went back again and carried out the various tasks in preparation for laying up: servicing the engine, draining out the various water systems, removing sails, canvas, food, clothes etc., cleaning cupboards and the like, cleaning and storing the inflatable dinghy and tending to the rigid dinghy.  It was a busy few days working against intermittent rain and short day light hours, especially now the clocks have gone back.  On Tuesday we had a dry day for stowing the sails and canvas and were finally able to cover her up and leave for the winter.

We now have lots to do washing, sorting, repairing and storing of the gear we have brought back with us.

It feels very good to be tucked up for the winter.  We can also turn our attention to life ashore, such as visiting family and catching up with friends.  Tony has been helping out with the Portsmouth Sailing Club on the race committee boat, and Ynskje provided a vegetarian option for Sunday lunch in the club house.

This will be our last posting of the year – thanks for following us.  See you next season!

with love to all,

Ynskje & Tony  xxx


4 thoughts on “All tucked up for the winter

  1. Liz Pill

    Do I detect a few loud sighs of relief that all has ended safely and triumphantly?? Well done all of you and especially Antipole. She deserves a cosy rest. The others can clean up for her and then have a rest!

  2. Alison

    Great to hear about your fascinating journey, & to learn so much about the Netherlands. Good luck with all the repairs, sorting etc., & your shore life. XX

  3. Ettie

    If you get restless you could always pop up here to Scotland. We have lots of room now as the extension is finished and more children leaving! Would love to see you and hear all about your adventures in person! Love from Ettie and Jonathan.

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