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Maryport and laying up at the end of the season

We waited in Douglas until we had a favourable wind, so it was an easy 45 nm passage. Entry to Maryport is only possible within three hours of high water, so we made first for Workington, which has the only shelter at low water on this coast. We anchored overnight just outside the dock and in the morning made the 10nm to Maryport arriving on Thursday 5th close to high water.

Here we began the process of laying up for the winter.  There is a lot to do: servicing the engine, removing all the sails and canvas, draining off all the water systems and, of course, cleaning, removing stores and clothes etc.  We have found that a thorough clean when laying up reduces the amount of work in the spring.

Tony took the train to Carlisle to collect a hire van and the gear removed as been gradually filling it.  On Monday Antipole was lifted out and blocked off in the storage yard.

This last Wednesday we finally completed the tucking up and bade Antipole farewell.  We are at the northern end of the Lake District, a very beautiful area now a National Park, so we headed to Grasmere and Lancrigg.

This is the house Sir John Richardson (Tony’s Great Great Grandfather) retired to and it is now a luxurious vegetarian hotel, so we are treating ourselves to a night here and enjoying our first bath in four months!

On Thursday we will make the long drive south back home.  We anticipate a mountain of post and will gradually sort out the van full of stuff.  This will be the last blog posting for this season.

It has been an amazing experience of such a variety of countries, coasts and peoples. We covered 1840nm in the four months. The track log shows where we got to (direct link here).

See you next season!
love Tony & Ynskje

One thought on “Maryport and laying up at the end of the season

  1. Nicky

    We have so enjoyed reading your blogs. What a wonderful trip you have had and you have visited such beautiful and interesting places. it is hard to believe that summer is coming to an end and Antipole is laid up for the winter.

    We look forward to next year’s blog!
    Nicky & Peter

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