Antipole cruises

Major update to this site

This site has had some major updates over winter:

  • Appearance: The theme or appearance has been updated to a cleaner lighter style, which adapts to different devices
  • Scaling: Previously, the page size was fixed and kept narrowish to allow for smaller screens.  Even so, on the iPhone and similar devices the page was too small to read without zooming in on a part of it. Now the layout is adjusted, depending on screen size, and so it is possible to take full advantage of larger screens when possible.  For a medium-sized screen, such as an iPad, the right side-bar menu is moved to follow in-line at the bottom and the layout of blog entries is narrowed.  For small screens, such as an iPhone, the layout is simplified further to keep it readable and the top tab selection menu is replaced by a pop-up list of tabs.
  • Touch devices: Touch gestures such as panning and zooming now work with devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Track charts and maps: These have been completely re-worked and now work with touch devices so you can pan with your finger and zoom in or out using pinch gestures.

Enjoy!  Tony

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