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The 2014 season awaits!

It seems rash to be preparing a 2014 plan to sail round Scotland while the winds unceasingly  shake even the house,  but perhaps taking to a boat like Noah may be wise.

Assuming these gales do blow themselves out, around mid-April we shall be hiring a van and heading back up to Maryport where Antipole is overwintering.  We have various tasks to do to recommission her and prepare for the season.

Weather permitting, we plan to set forth at the beginning of May and explore northwards up the Scottish coast and Western Isles.  If the season is poor we might cut through the Caledonian Canal to the east coast but, hopefully, we will round the north and visit the Orkney and Shetland Islands before working our way down the east coast.  We plan on returning to base in Wareham by September.

As always. family and friends are very welcome to join us en route.  The Cruise Plans section contains our outline plan showing when we expect to be where.  We have included notes about reaching these places and a map too.  We can adjust our plans to take account of those joining or leaving, and firm up on dates if need be.

More news here once we are afloat.

Tony & Ynskje xx

One thought on “The 2014 season awaits!

  1. Susan Bloom

    I would imagine that the stormy weather might have abated by the time you leave to cruise around Scotland in May. If you feel like popping in you’d both be most welcome, but do confer first as I have two lots of family visiting from US and Canada on 11th-21st April and another one – I will have to look for that date and will let you know.
    How lovely for you both to sail around like you do – lots of interest and excitement.
    Love Suexx

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