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Theo’s May Half-Term Cruise

IMG_1420Tony’s grandson Theo sailed with us briefly three years ago. This May he came for his first proper sail.

We sailed from Ridge Wharf down harbour and anchored in Blood Alley, off Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour. Tony and Theo went ashore to explore. In the evening we sailed out to Studland Bay to anchor over night.

The next day we set sail early across Swanage Bay, around Anvil Point and St Alban’s Head. As the wind was from the west we tacked out clear of the headland and thence in to Lulworth Cove. Theo really got the hang of it and learnt to sail by the wind, using the tell-tales on the genoa.

IMG_1430When weather permits, Lulworth Cove is always a delight and Theo was very taken with it, especially arriving by sea. We walked around the cliffs, admiring the spectacular view of Antipole in the cove below.

After some ice creams, Theo wanted to swim off the stern of Antipole.  The water was not warm, even in May, and it took some courage for him to take the plunge.

He then explored the cove in the dinghy, enjoying being off on his own.

IMG_1449The next day we had a lovely sail on to Weymouth in sun and with a gentle breeze.  When not at the helm, Theo particularly enjoyed occupying the bow seat, where he watched the large jelly fish we passed by.

Weymouth is a delight.  Although a working port, it has good facilities for yachts right in the harbour where we can enjoy all that goes on.  From here Theo was collected by his mum.

The next day Ynskje and Tony sailed Antipole back to Wareham.  It was an excellent passage with fair weather and westerly winds.  We left in the company of several other east-bound yachts and enjoyed honing our skills.  We took advantage of the eddy current inshore by Kimmeridge Ledge to steal an advantage.  As we approached Poole Harbour the wind rose to F6 and we had an exciting entrance with two reefs in and a reduced genoa.

We are back home again for now.

Love to all, Tony & Ynskje

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