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Launched for 2022 but not on our way yet

We are in the water for our 2022 cruise.

Over winter we had to carry out significant work in addition to the usual routine things. This included

  • The batteries were replaced. We first replaced them in the Spring of 2017 while in Estonia. They were down to about half of their capacity, so it was time to change again. We use five 95AH batteries (four for the ‘house’ and electronics and one for the engine), which is a significant project. This time we chose AGM batteries, which, although slightly more expensive, should cope a bit better with discharging.
  • The Genoa foresail has had major maintenance. The Genoa takes a lot of wear, especially when it flogs in strong winds, and expert inspection revealed that the tabling was soon to give. So the tabling has been completely replaced as has the red sacrificial UV cover that protects the sail when furled.
  • Some of the topsides paintwork had ‘blown’ – a common problem for painted aluminium – and Tony has repainted and re-done the red stripes.

Today, Friday 13th May Antipole has been launched and we are lying alongside at Ridge Wharf completing rigging work and enjoying the feeling the boat has of being alive after its deadness ashore.

As previously mentioned, the autopilot computer failed last season and we had to order a complete replacement from Furuno. This was on long back-order over winter and scheduled for delivery at the end of April but nothing appeared. It got as far as talk of tracking numbers and expedited delivery but now Furuno was citing the global shortage of chips. It is apparent that the unit has not even been manufactured.

Antipole in the slings for launch

We have decided to replace the whole system with a more modern Garmin one that Platinum Marine has in stock and which they will be able to fit and commission on Tuesday. So we will have a couple of easy days in and around Poole Harbour until then.

Unfortunately, this means we will miss some nice easterly winds and a favourable tide timing for rounding Portland Bill. But at lease we should have an autopilot.

Our plans for the season can be found here.

More news in due course.

Tony & Ynskje xx

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