Antipole cruises

Laid up in Inverness

We left the Caledonian Canal through the last two locks and made the very short journey round to Inverness Marina, located in the mouth of the River Ness.

Here we spent ten days preparing Antipole for winter.

We have had decent weather, which has made the whole process much more pleasant.

Antipole has been lifted out and blocked off. Beneath the waterline she is in good shape. However, most anodes have been replaced. Two very small patches where the CopperCoat had detached have been repaired. We have removed all the canvas and she has been thoroughly cleaned.

Tomorrow we fly home.

Standouts from our 2022 season…

The weather

The weather this year has been really difficult. We have marvelled at what we did when in the Western Isles in 2014 and all the places we anchored and visited. This season we were much more restricted and had to spend a lot of time waiting for the right conditions to proceed.

Laid up in Inverness

Wild life

We have been stuck by how little wild life we have seen compared with 2014 – especially sea birds. Apparently, avian ‘flu (spread from commercial chicken factories) has taken terrible toll. Very sad.

Until next season…

Tony & Ynskje xx

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