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Kristiansund to Ålesund with Sarah

We enjoyed three days in Kristansund while waiting for Sarah to join us.  It was a chance to explore the place a bit deeper.

The sound is situated between four islands Kirklandet, Innlander, Nordlandet & Gomalanet.  A ferry service between the four islands was instituted in 1876 and it claims to be the world’s longest running uninterrupted public transport service.  We took the service (free, of course) to visit the other islands and we explored them on our bikes.

On Inlandet a dock has been filled in to make a hotel carpark but the harbour office still stands on its rock.

The wise man built his house upon a rock

Sarah writes…

Having not travelled for several years, I was very excited and slightly apprehensive about going to Norway to visit Dad and Ynskje on board Antipole. I successfully navigated the connecting flights. (It is worth bearing in mind that there is both Kristiansund and Kristiansand in Norway; they both have airports but they are a long way apart). So, despite arriving a day later than planned, I was pleased to exit the airport at Kristiansund and find one bus stop with one bus which was headed for my destination.

Dad and Ynskje were waiting at the marina in Kristiansund to welcome me aboard and we enjoyed the trademark pre-dinner drinks and snacks before eating one of Ynskje’s delicious suppers.

The next day we set off on a two day trip to Ålesund, with an overnight stop at an anchorage in a bay near the village of Bud.

We arrived in Ålesund to find a busy marina and a buzzing town. Dad expertly manoeuvred Antipole in strong currents to moor alongside another sailing yacht in a prime position opposite the magnificent building housing the Jugensteilsenteret (The National Art Nouveau Centre).

The next day was spent exploring Ålesund and appreciating its incredible architecture. Highlights of the day included: a visit to the Jugensteilsenteret, a walk up more than 400 steps for panoramic views of the surrounding islands, mountains and coastline in beautiful sunshine with clear blue skies and then a meal out in a tapas bar which was so nearby that we were able to look out of the window to keep an eye on the boat! It was the best tapas I have ever eaten.

As I leave Dad and Ynskje to return home, I feel very privileged to have been able to join them for part of their cruise. Norway is an exceptionally beautiful country, and I was lucky enough to see some of it whilst enjoying comfortable sailing, warm hospitality and excellent company.

We really enjoyed Ålesund and were sad to leave. From there we made the 16nm passage to Ulsteinvik, where we will be laying up for the winter. It was a beautiful day with full sun but virtually no wind. We had to motor most of it. This was a rather ignoble end to an otherwise excellent sailing season.

That’s the news for now

love, Ynskje & Tony

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