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Laid up for winter 2023-24

We have laid up Antipole in Ulsteinvik Marina for the coming winter.

Antipole will be standing outside. We had the usual servicing and cleaning to do. Stores that will not stand freezing have been stashed in a heated building. Water has been drained off or replaced with potable antifreeze.

For the last three days, we hired a car into which we could move bags and we moved into the splendid Ulstein Quality Hotel, which has an excellent breakfast spread.

Once we had tucked up Antipole we had a free afternoon and drove to Fosnavåg five islands away. It was a very spectacular drive through tunnels and crossing several bridges, including one we had sailed under early in the season.

On the last day of August, we set off home. Ulsteinvik is situated on the island of Hareidlandet. We drove the car across the island to Hareid and took the fast ferry to the island of Valderøya, from where a connecting minibus took us to the airport on the island of Vigra. From there we flew via Oslo to London Gatwick and hence home.

It has been an amazing season. We have seen mind-blowing scenery and the mass of islands has provided excellent sailing in mostly sheltered waters. You can see our track log here.

That’s it for the 2023 season. We plan to be back next year.

Love, Ynskje & Tony

Antipole ashore in Ulsteinvik with mountains in the background

4 thoughts on “Laid up for winter 2023-24

  1. Nicky

    Tony and Ynskje
    We have so enjoyed your blogs over the summer. We have loved reading about the beautiful places you have visited and we wonder just how much planning you must have done during the winter before you set off.

    Keep well during the winter months and we look forward to your sailing voyage next year.
    Nicky and Peter

  2. Garry Crothers

    Well done… Great adventure, and great location to end up.
    Many decades ago I spent a few very enjoyable months there, standing by a new build ship,. Lived in the one and only big hotel at that time and travelled to Aalesund at the weekends. I’d love to return someday. Beautiful scenery around the islands and very friendly people, although somewhat expensive.

    Enjoy your hibernation,

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