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Afloat for 2024!

To return to Antipole, we flew to Oslo and then up to Ålesund, It was very spectacular with magnificent views of fjords between snow-capped peaks.

Ålesund airport is actually on the island of Vigra and It was a short bus ride from the airport to the island of Valderoya, where we took a fast ferry to Hareid and a taxi to Ulsteinvik.

Here we based ourselves in the excellent Quality Hotel Ulsteinvik.  Fortified by the hotel breakfast spreads, we worked on preparing Antipole.

Antipole has survived the winter snows rather well. The weather was cold at first but fine, which made the work pleasant. We had magnificent views of distant snowy peaks from the yard. After four days of work, we were ready to be launched.

As ever, it is lovely to finally get onto the water, where the boat transforms from dead weight to an alive craft. Rigging canvas and sails was made enjoyable by some warm hours and gentle breezes.

We are now ready to set off, although we will be sad to leave Ulsteinvik, which we have got to know and really enjoyed.

High pressure has brought fine weather but very light winds so we may have limited sailing, especially as we venture into the vast Geirangerfjord.

That’s the news for now

with love, Ynskje & Tony

One thought on “Afloat for 2024!

  1. Lucas Voss

    The snowy mountains look beautiful! Glad all has gone well with getting Antipole ready for the season. All the best for your first voyage of the season when you set off.


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