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Starting southwards

The little island of Raudøyna gave us good shelter from the rain.  It is managed by students who have created reserves for various plants, such as holly, which is rare in Norway. They have numerous BBQ hearths and provide a copious supply of wood and axes.  We did not avail ourselves of these given the rain.

Once the rain cleared we had a long beat against light winds to position ourselves for the passage around Statt headland.  This headland is notorious for  Norwegian seafarers.  2024 should see the start of building a tunnel for ships through the neck of the peninsula.

We sat out a day’s southerly gale. This was followed by some hours of strongish northerlies before further calm.  So we took advantage of the northerlies to get us round the headland.  The swell from the southerly gales was still present, so the sea was rather confused.  We were glad to get around and into the port of Maløy. From Maløy it was a day and a half beating against southerly winds to Florø. We seem to have been doing a lot of tacking – see here.

In Florø, we are catching up with ourselves and doing laundry and maintenance, etc.   We even have WiFi on the pontoon – hence this blog post. The weather has turned fine again. It is now warmer and we have been able to sit out in the cockpit.   Florø was our first port of call after we crossed to Norway from Shetland and it is good to be on familiar ground again. 

From here, we will be working our way southward. 

Tony & Ynskje xx

One thought on “Starting southwards

  1. Liz Pill

    Gosh – What a lot of tacking! Must be exhausting at times. Glad you are now in more familiar territory . Hope you continue to have warm and fine weather. Lx

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