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Fitted out and headed home

Well – we have completed the main work we needed to do alongside in Dead Fish Alley, namely installing the heating system. It feeds warm air to the saloon, each cabin and the aft heads and wet locker. Just in time for the drop in temperature after our October heat wave – bliss! We also have two more service batteries to store the wind and solar power (total four) and this now feels much more comfortable.

It just remained for us to sail back to Wareham against these strong westerlies. We chose a relative lull on Saturday and had an excellent sail all the way from Portsmouth to Studland, where we had a late lunch amd good nap while waiting for the flood into Poole and then sailed to our anchorage in Southdeep, from where this blog entry is sent. Today it remains to sail up to Wareham and get back to Portsmouth where our car is.

We have Heleen with us, visiting from Amsterdam.

Heleen writes: “I survived it!”. Actually she has been great and joined in with gusto.

That’s the news for now.

Tony, Ynskje & Heleen

2 thoughts on “Fitted out and headed home

  1. Alison Naisby

    Thanks for last 2 blogs, sounds like you had a really useful time at show.Great you have got heating in, sounds very luxurious. Where are you off to next? Much love to you both, Alison xx

  2. heleen

    He Ine and Tony,
    It was really great and I am glad we took the best day to sail back: weather, wind, sun…. I enjoyed it a lot …. and you are a very good sailingteam!
    Had a great time on Antipole…. and in Porthsmouth…. walking along the beach, visiting a (modern) museum, enjoying your hospitality… thanks, with love, heleen

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